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Forensic Science Program

Upcoming Seminars

The Forensic Science Program at Loyola aims to introduce students to a broad range of forensic-related topics and prepare them for careers in a variety of settings.  We host a Forensic Expert Seminar Series to expand student exposure beyond coursework.  Speakers are experts in their respective forensic disciplines and related fields.  Topics range from forensic research to case studies, from expert witness testimony to opiod death and other current events.  See our archived seminars page for previous speakers and topics.  

We enthusiastically invite interested students, faculty and staff to join us for these events.

Please email Wendy Gruhl  for additional information.  


Our next event is:  

Internship Forum!  Sept 30, 2021 at 5pm.  Flanner Hall Auditorium.

Our most recent interns will discuss their internship placements, projects, and experiences.  These vary from law enforcement agencies, private laboratories, to educational programs.  


*Updated 18 Sep 21