Loyola University Chicago

Focus on Teaching and Learning

Focus on Teaching and Learning: Fall 2016

19th. Semiannual Focus on Teaching & Learning

Lakeshore Campus

August 18, 2016, 8:30 am – 4 pm

For handouts and speaker information, check online at: https://focusonteachinglearning2016.sched.org/

The Loyola University Chicago bi-annual Focus on Teaching & Learning (FOTL) conference is dedicated to the belief that as educators, we can grow and develop by learning through one another. We seek to contribute to a faculty and staff life that involves active scholarship, candid and vibrant collaboration, and innovative activities that reflect the University’s mission. Our hope is that FOTL can support faculty activity at all stages of development, and that work begun through this gathering can continue in myriad ways in faculty life.

The theme of the August conference is "Faculty as Learners: A Lens for Building Teaching and Learning Strategies." This broad theme is intended to be inclusive of our work across disciplines, and to remind us of our role as learners, both inside and outside the classroom.

We are thrilled to be joined by Therese Huston, Ph.D., our keynote speaker for the event. Dr. Huston is a cognitive psychologist and the author of Teaching What You Don’t Know and How Women Decide: What’s True, What’s Not, and What Strategies Spark the Best Choices.  She is an engaging, experienced, and humorous presenter with a diverse background in teaching excellence. She is the founding director of the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning at Seattle University and current Faculty Consultant to the Center (now named the Center for Faculty Development).  

9:00--Welcome, Freshmen Teaching Awards (Life Sciences Auditorium): Provost John Pelissero

9:15-10:15-- Keynote Address: What if we replaced “teaching as telling?”  Active learning that benefits everyone in the room. Dr. Therese Huston.
Watch a recording of the keynote address.

One of the joys of being a faculty member is that we get to seek out new ideas and share them with students.  Many of us were first drawn to academia because we love to learn.  When you develop new course content, however, it takes more work and it’s easy to default to lecture-mode to save time.  All too often, teaching becomes telling. Students learn more when they actively engage with concepts.  In this interactive keynote, we’ll explore how to move away from teaching as telling toward a different model:  teaching as creating a learning environment

10:30-11:15--Breakout I (Information Commons)

IC 4th. Ignatian Pedagogy Basics: Overview of Ignatian Pedagogy Certificate and Paradigm. Linda Tuncay Zayer, Anne Solari-Twadell, Richelle Rogers, Jon Schmidt 

215--Engaging Student Conduct & Multicultural Affairs to Support Students. Joe Saucedo & Dana Broadnax

216--J-Term: Tips for Maximizing Student Learning. John Orwat, Christine Hwang, Judson Everitt

230--Active Learning in the Engineering classroom: Theory and Assessment. Gail Baura

112--Alternatives to Textbooks. Marie Harrigan & Kristina Schwoebel

11:30-12:15—Breakout II

IC 4th. Classroom Management Strategies. Bryan Pickett & Molly Melin:

215--Student Learning First: Collecting & Integrating Pre- & Post-Semester Evaluation Information. John Dugan

216--Support for Blended and Online Learning at Loyola. Sarah Dysart

230--Active Learning in the Engineering Classroom: Practice & Observations. Chad Johnston

112—Assessment at Loyola. Shannon Milligan

12:15-1:15—Lunch & Resource Tables (Donovan Reading Room: Cudahy Library)

1:30-2:15—Breakout III

IC 4th. Creating a Syllabus that Defines and Informs. Robert Bucholz & Carol Scheidenhelm

215—Building Inclusive Learning Environments. Jessica Horowitz & Betsi Burns

216--Teaching and Instilling Confidence Amidst a Hurricane of Change: The Healthcare Industry. James Unland

230--Only Connect: Building Experiential Learning Teams in an Online Environment. Jessica DePinto & Kelly Barry

2:30-3:15—Breakout IV

IC 4th. Concepts with Compassion and Context: Ignatian Pedagogy and Service Immersion. Susan Haarman

215- International Experiential Ignatian Learning: A Strategic Partnership between Students, Faculty, & an International Business. Michael Welch, and students Gabrielle Annala, Amanda Schaumann, Emily Schroeder, Magdalena Zlatkova

216--Sustainability Concepts to Inform the Curriculum. Aaron Durnbaugh

3:30—Wrap-up session (IC 4th Floor)

 August FOTL is co-sponsored by Academic Technology Services, The Center for Experiential Learning, Faculty Administration, the Faculty Center for Ignatian Pedagogy, the Office of Research Services, and the University Libraries.