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Decolonizing the Future: Creating Brave New Worlds

Possibilities and Alternatives for Promoting Justice and Equity

The Biannual Focus on Teaching on Learning (FOTL) conference co-hosted by Loyola’s Institute for Racial Justice (IRJ), the Faculty Center for Ignatian Pedagogy (FCIP) and our campus partners intends to draw attention to teaching during times of turmoil.

In recent years, our nation has experienced continuous transitions stemming from racial awakening, the global pandemic, the current economic crisis and malaise, climate change, and technological disruption, and transitions which are occurring in the Anthropocene, which amplify existing structures of injustice. These transitions have had devastating consequences for students and as educators, and we must adjust and respond.  We will explore ways to adjust and respond over the course of the ‘23-’24 academic year in two parts:

  • August 2023: “Decolonizing the Future” highlights the importance of orienting toward justice and equity in our teaching, undoing colonial legacies and centering Indigenous perspectives and knowledge systems in shaping our collective future. 

  • January 2024: “Creating Brave New Worlds” suggests a focus on imagining new possibilities and alternative futures that challenge existing structures of power and privilege, an opportunity for agere contra (an Ignatian idea meaning to act against), and evolve our teaching to advance humanizing, opportunity-centered teaching and learning projects of impactful consequence.

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Additional Notes About The Conference

Regardless of one’s disciplinary orientation, the conference theme encourages participants to explore the intersections between indigenous cosmologies and critical whiteness in the context of imagining and creating new futures. This intersectional approach recognizes how Indigenous peoples and their knowledge systems have been systematically oppressed and marginalized by colonialism and how the critical examination of whiteness can help dismantle these systems of oppression. It focuses on giving educators a new dialogical praxis around which they can promote anti-racist and anti-oppressive pedagogies.

Participants will leave the conference with tangible tools to advance humanizing, opportunity-centered teaching and learning projects of impactful consequence. Participants will use these critical frameworks to provide insight into how power operates within different systems of knowledge and understanding.


January 2023 Focus on Teaching and Learning Conference Resources

The January 2023 FOTL Conference has concluded. Check out resources from the conference here.

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Stay tuned for more information on our August 17, 2023 FOTL Conference.