Loyola University Chicago

International Admission


It's an extraordinary setting—the great expanse of Lake Michigan to one side, a world-class city to the other. In the middle—Loyola University Chicago.

Shaped by our vibrant urban setting and our Jesuit Catholic traditions, Loyola offers you a unique educational environment unmatched in its diversity of thought and experience. With three campuses spread throughout metropolitan Chicago, Loyola offers you remarkable access to numerous cultural institutions and hundreds of internships and networking opportunities with the city's Fortune 500 companies.

Loyola's beautiful lakeside campuses are located in some of the safest neighborhoods in Chicago. With easy access to two major airports, Chicago is just a plane ride away from anywhere in the world. Chicago is also more affordable than other large US cities, including New York City and Los Angeles.

Our focus at Loyola is the end result—for you as a student, for the community, and beyond. Loyola encourages you to employ your knowledge, skills, and experiences to improve the world around you. For Loyola, that mission begins with our own environment. Loyola is dedicated to sustainability efforts and research initiatives that lighten our footprint on our city—knowledge gained that can implement environmental improvements regionally and around the world.

Educating the whole person—that is Loyola's approach. We will challenge you academically but also encourage you to discover the person you are meant to be, find your vocation, develop your faith—whatever it may be—and open yourself up to the world. Through all that Chicago and the Loyola campuses offer, the options on your search to unleash your potential and discover your true self are countless. When you visit campus, look out across that expanse of Lake Michigan hugging the University and city shores. At Loyola, your future is that broad, that extraordinary.

Start picturing yourself in Chicago and as a Loyola student.