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Jesuit Education

What differentiates a Jesuit education from all others? It is Magis—the ideal that motivates us to become more, do more, do better. The Jesuit tradition has a distinguished history spanning five centuries and has, in every age, pursued and delivered educational excellence. That passion for quality sets demanding standards for both students and faculty and encourages them to apply their well-learned lessons and skills to achieve new ideas, better solutions, and vital answers.

At Loyola, we see the pursuit of faith, knowledge, and the promotion of justice as intrinsically related. We are an academic community of common question and purpose: What are we doing here for our students, our human community, and our world? What kind of a contribution are we making with our research? How is our service making a difference in the world?

At Loyola University Chicago, ethical and spiritual values are central to the educational process. An emphasis on values-based leadership ensures a consistent focus on personal integrity, ethical behavior in business and in all professions, and the appropriate balance between justice and fairness. Through research, reflection, and creative action, Loyola’s diverse curriculum and focus on ethics equip you to lead a life of integrity, both personally and professionally.

Loyola encourages cura personalis—care of the entire person. We prepare you to use your learning and leadership skills in service that promotes justice and in exploration of how the world's people and societies are interrelated and interdependent.

With today's demand for specialized technological training at the peril of the arts, Loyola's brand of education becomes all the more important. We need business leaders who read Shakespeare and computer scientists who understand the history and roots of our civilizations. This is the purpose of Loyola's Core Curriculum. We want you to be able to think and speak and write; to learn about history, literature and art; to have a solid understanding of math and the sciences; and to have your mind and hearts expanded by philosophy and theology. The Core furnishes the breadth of learning necessary for that growth, and forms the foundation for the specialized depth of learning that majors provide.

Complete your degree with us and not only will you have the skills appropriate to your training, but you will be a person of moral integrity, grounded in faith, and motivated to give back to society what you have generously received. You will be ready to face the enormous challenges of our times with faith, hope, and love.

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