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Jen McQuady, Assistant Director

E-mail: jmcquady@luc.edu

Phone: 773.508.7331

Degrees: BS in Education, University of Evansville; MA in English Language Teaching and Applied Linguistics, King's College London

What I like most about Loyola: The huge amount of diversity on campus with students from many different countries, cultures and religious backgrounds. I really appreciate Loyola’s commitment to diversity and global awareness, which is a huge part of the Jesuit mission. I also love that Loyola’s international center, located in Rome, Italy offers so many students the opportunity to study abroad easily and affordably. Students really get an international experience at Loyola!

Recruitment Areas:

  • East, Central, and Southeast Asia
  • Oceania
  • Rome Start Program

Sujith Sajan, Assistant Director

E-mail: ssajan@luc.edu

Phone: 773.508.6056

Degrees: BA in Sociology, Loyola University Chicago

What I like most about Loyola: Loyola is home to all cultures and faiths, and its inclusive environment is reflected in its cultural, geographic and religious diversities. The sense of community among the students, staff and faculty members at Loyola is second to none. In addition, Loyola’s emphasis on a well-rounded education and focus on service for others makes it an incredible institution to build one’s student experience.

Recruitment Areas:‌

  • Middle East
  • India
  • Africa

Joe Serdar, Associate Director‌‌

E-mail: Jserdar@luc.edu

Phone: 773.508.7328

Degrees: BA, History, Loyola University Chicago

What I like most about Loyola: As an undergraduate, I loved going to school with motivated and compassionate people from all over the country. The support I received from faculty and staff was excellent, from picking a major to making plans after graduation. I also enjoyed the wide variety of things to do in Chicago, especially during the summer.

Recruitment Areas:

  • Canada
  • Europe
  • Latin American and the Caribbean
  • International students at U.S. high schools