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J-1 Exchange Visitor

Hosting an International J-1 Visiting Scholar

Policy and Procedures for Visiting Scholars

The J-1 Exchange Visitor visa category was created for the purpose of cultural and educational exchange. This visa category is used for exchange visitors engaged in research and/or teaching and any visiting lecturers coming to Loyola for more than nine days. This category is not appropriate for tenure track faculty.

Loyola's Faculty Administration Office has set guidelines for hosting visiting scholars whether they are American or International. Please contact Tim O’Connell in Faculty Administration for further information. You will find information on this process at: http://www.luc.edu/academicaffairs/visitingscholarinformation/.

J-1 Exchange Visitors may be funded by Loyola, a government, private organizations, their current employer or personal funds. OIP will provide the form DS-2019 which is necessary for the visitor to obtain a J-1 visa, a change of status or an extension. There is no cost to Loyola University Chicago for this visa. Processing time for the paperwork is 2 weeks.

As is the case with all appointments, these visitors will be provided with access to the university computer network, use of library facilities and a temporary campus card. In the case of courtesy appointments and depending on the agreement with the hosting professor, these visitors may collaborate in research, receive guidance or work independently. (Courtesy appointments can be given to Americans or to international visitors.) The hosting department will be responsible for helping the visitor find housing and getting oriented to campus.

Periods of stay:

*Research Scholar/Professor—Minimum of three weeks, Maximum of five years

*Short-term Scholar—Maximum of six months

Loyola's Faculty Administration Office has set the following guidelines for hosting visiting scholars whether they are American or International. Follow these links for faculty administration visiting scholar appointment information.

  • Courtesy Appointments (Non-Paid Visiting Scholars)
  • Visiting Research Scholar/Professor Appointments

Process for obtaining the DS-2019 for the Exchange Visitor:

If there are any changes in your J-1 exchange visitor's status that will end their J-1 term at Loyola University Chicago (such as obtaining permanent residency), change to another status, employment with another institution, resignation, or termination, please submit a (J-1 Exchange Visitor Departure Notice) to ISSS. Upon receipt of this notice ISSS will update the respective exchange visitor's SEVIS record within 7 days of the end date confirmed on the notice.

For further information, please contact isss@luc.edu or 773.508.3899.