Loyola University Chicago

Latin American & Latino Studies

Academic Outcomes

Learning Outcomes

Upon graduating, students from our interdisciplinary undergraduate Latin American and Latinx Studies Program will be able to:

  • Gain an appreciation for the cultural, economic, and ethnic diversity of Latin America and US Latinx communities by studying several academic disciplines from all LUC campuses which include, but are not limited to Anthropology, Communication, Sociology, History, Modern Languages and Literatures, Philosophy, Political Science, Women's Studies/Gender Studies, and Theology.

  • Engage with the integrative, multidisciplinary nature of Latin American and US Latinx Studies and articulate how it is a connected to other interdisciplinary fields of study.

  • Recognize the value of studying from an intersectionality perspective and intercultural framework while achieving a better understanding of the Latin American region and the growing US Latinx communities.  

  • Develop knowledge and identify key Latin American/US Latinx issues, including, but not limited to social (in)justice, mestizaje, (im)migration, language and identity, neo/postcolonialism, gender and sexuality studies, grassroots movements, popular culture, and political resistance.

  • Increase oral and written Spanish and/or Portuguese language proficiency.  

  • Prepare for graduate study and for work in professional fields both in the US and in Latin America.