Loyola University Chicago

Latin American & Latino Studies


The minor in Latin American and Latino Studies requires six courses (18 credit hours). Students are required to complete and pass the following:

  • Two (2) introductory-level courses with a Latin American or Latin@ focus (usually at the 200+ level) in the Departments of Anthropology, Modern Languages and Literatures, Political Science, or History. A course taken while studying abroad in Latin America will be considered upon review of course description and syllabus. Please contact the Director directly for any clarifications and/questions. 
  • Four (4) elective courses that are listed or tagged as LASP and offered in any Loyola Department, School, or Program (Modern Languages and Literatures, School of Social Work, Women's Studies/Gender Studies, etc.). Students may count up to two (2) electives in any given program (i.e. a student may take both HIST 354 and HIST 355, but a third history course will not count toward the minor). Transfer and Study Abroad Credits will also be considered and evaluated by the Program Director.
  • Language competency through SPAN 104 or PORT 102 as demonstrated through coursework or placement testing.
  • An ePortfolio requirement to be completed by the student's final semester. Graduating LASP students will present their ePortfolio at the LASP ePortfolio Tertulia.