Loyola University Chicago

Latin American & Latino Studies

Requirements & Academics

The minor in Latin American and Latino Studies requires six courses (18 credit hours). Students are required to complete and pass the following:

  • Two (2) introductory-level courses with a Latin American or Latin@ focus (usually at the 200+ level) in the Departments of Anthropology, Modern Languages and Literatures, Political Science, or History. A course taken while studying abroad in Latin America will be considered upon review of course description and syllabus. Please contact the Director directly for any clarifications and/questions. 
  • Four (4) elective courses that are listed or tagged as LASP and offered in any Loyola Department, School, or Program (Modern Languages and Literatures, School of Social Work, Women's Studies/Gender Studies, etc.). Students may count up to two (2) electives in any given program (i.e. a student may take both HIST 354 and HIST 355, but a third history course will not count toward the minor). Transfer and Study Abroad Credits will also be considered and evaluated by the Program Director.
  • An ePortfolio requirement to be completed by the 13th week of the student's final semester. Graduating LASP students will present their ePortfolio at the LASP ePortfolio Tertulia.This reflective LASP ePortfolio will follow LUC ePortfolio Program [ http://www.luc.edu/experiential/eportfolio/ ]