Build community

The Core classes you take and the campus groups you join will provide opportunities to form lifelong friendships with peers, mentors, and faculty members. The Core will broaden your learning in the liberal arts and help you become a well-rounded individual, while taking part in campus organizations and serving others will help shape your Loyola Experience.

Goals for the year

Now is the time to develop the habits necessary to engage in challenging intellectual work.
Connect with those around you by participating in classroom and co-curricular activities.
Create relationships and develop a network of support with other students, faculty, and staff.
Expand more than your mind by developing the skills to promote personal well-being.
Understand the University’s mission and what it means to be a Loyolan.

See how Start the Fire and other events will prepare you for life at Loyola.


Hours earned

120 credit hours are required for graduation
  • Participate in Convocation Walk and New Student Convocation.
  • Complete Orientation and UNIV 101.
  • Explore at least two campus organizations.
  • Develop a four-year curricular and co-curricular plan.
  • Begin to build your resume and ePortfolio.
Build your skills
Look into STARS, tutoring, study groups, and other mentoring programs.

Become a better student

Get the most out of your classroom experience by joining a study group or working with a tutor. Now is also a great time to start your ePortfolio.

Connect with Community
Connect with others in the residence halls or commuter lounge and through student programs and University-wide events.

In the Jesuit tradition,reflection is a three-fold process that involves paying attention to your experiences, using the head and heart to understand their meanings, and deciding how to act.

  • How will you make Loyola home?
  • How will your passions and knowledge guide you?
  • How do you hope to grow during your first year?
Expand your knowledge
Engage with faculty in Core courses and advisors in UNIV 101 and Loyola Seminars.

Undergraduate majors

Haven’t decided on a major yet? Don’t worry—Loyola has more than 80 majors to choose from.

Minutes a week

Our UNIV 101 is an extended orientation class that will help you learn about Loyola, Chicago, and yourself.

Required Core courses

Every student must complete the Core Curriculum, which lays the groundwork for your Loyola experience.
Commit to faith, justice, and service
Take advantage of at least one high-impact enrichment opportunity (e.g., immersions, retreats, living-learning communities, service learning, on-campus employment, and athletics).
Engage in Chicago and the world
Pursue activities outside of your own culture and background to develop an appreciation for the richness of diversity on campus.

Life beyond the Loyola campus

At Loyola University Chicago, our world-class city serves as the backdrop for your world-class education. Say hello to your new home.

Focus on your well-being
Consider all areas of wellness. Find your balance by learning from others and engaging with the resources at Halas, Wellness Center, and Campus Ministry.
Lead with values
Explore first-year leadership opportunities (e.g., Unified Student Government Association, Residence Hall Councils).

Push yourself to new heights

At Loyola, we believe everyone has the potential to become a leader and to work with others to serve the greater good—and we’ll work with you to help you do exactly that.

Expand your Knowledge

Commit to Faith, Justice, and Service