Make commitments

Congratulations! You’ve completed your first year at Loyola. As you enter your second year, take time to look back at all you’ve done—but also look ahead to all you can accomplish. How will you maximize your intellectual, social, and spiritual growth? How are you integrating knowledge from the Core, your major, and experiences outside of class? And what will you do to help yourself grow?

Goals for the year

You're ready to perfect the habits necessary to engage in challenging intellectual work.
Articulate personal values and discern how they form personal, academic, and professional goals and decisions.
Continue to integrate your learning through reflections on your Loyola Experience.
Continue to develop your connections with faculty, staff, and other members of the Loyola community.
Deepen the understanding of your own faith and learn about other religions and world views.

Now is the time to find your calling and declare your major.


Hours earned

120 credit hours are required for graduation
  • Declare major(s) and/or minor(s) and generate your Academic Requirements Report in LOCUS.
  • Create plans for internships, study abroad, and research with faculty.
  • Complete your Core Curriculum courses.
  • Update your resume and ePortfolio.
Commit to faith, justice, and service
Participate in retreats, religious organizations, small faith-sharing groups, and opportunities for interfaith collaboration.

Celebrate your faith with others

Faith and spirituality are essential parts of the Loyola Experience. Our Campus Ministry department offers several programs for you to grow your spirituality and learn about other faith traditions.

Connect with Community
Connect with community through the commuter Student Council, at the Commuter Appreciation Day, in suite-style housing, or learning communities in the residence halls.

In the Jesuit tradition,reflection is a three-fold process that involves paying attention to your experiences, using the head and heart to understand their meanings, and deciding how to act.

  • How can you maximize your intellectual, social, and spiritual growth?
  • How are you integrating knowledge from the Core, your major, and experiences outside of class?
  • How did you grow in your first year, and how do you hope to grow in your second year?
Engage in Chicago and the world
Look into study abroad opportunities and other experiential learning activities.

Get out and explore the world

Want to study Italian culture? Learn how to speak Spanish? Or explore Southeast Asia? You’re in luck, thanks to our study abroad options.

Expand your knowledge
Take part in a service program (e.g., alternative break immersions, Loyola4Chicago) or a service learning opportunity.
Lead with values
Consider various student clubs and organizations or service in leadership positions (e.g., peer advisor, peer mentor, peer tutor, companion, resident assistant, orientation leader, advisory board, student community board).

Become a better leader

From retreats to out-of-town conferences, our programs will help you build your skills to become a better leader and someone who works with others to promote positive change.

Expand your Knowledge

Commit to Faith, Justice, and Service