Loyola University Chicago

Lake Shore Community Partners

A Key Component of Plan 2020

Lake Shore Community Partners


Lake Shore Community Partners is an innovative community partnership that builds on the University’s existing relationships within the Rogers Park and Edgewater communities and will improve the quality of life for residents through thoughtful economic and social efforts.

The program is an important component of Plan 2020: Building a More Just, Humane, and Sustainable World and represents a critical initiative of institutional priority four, which calls on the University community to develop and implement a Loyola/Rogers Park/Edgewater partnership program.

As part of the initiative, leaders from Loyola and the community, including neighborhood aldermen Joe Moore and Harry Osterman, have identified and are committing to four immediate priority areas: Partners for Health, Partners for Business, Partners for Education, and Partners for Safety.

Loyola and community leaders expect a number of additional initiatives and projects to grow under the Lake Shore Community Partners umbrella. The local community will have a number of opportunities to engage with the program, which will offer a formal request for proposals process in the future. For now, anyone interested in getting involved with the program is asked to reach out to Jennifer Clark, associate vice president of campus and community planning, at jclark7@luc.edu.