Loyola University Chicago

McNamara Center

McNamara Lectures

2010-2011 Academic Year


The 2011 McNamara Lecture in the Sociology of Religion

"Militarized Humanitarianism Meets Carceral Feminism: The Politics of Sex, Rights and Freedom in Contemporary Anti-Trafficking Campaigns" - Elizabeth Bernstein (Barnard College)


2009-2010 Academic Year


The 2010 McNamara Lecture in the Sociology of Religion

 “Religion in the Media Age” - Stewart M. Hoover (U. Colorado – Boulder)

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 Islam, Engagement, and the Public Sphere Lecture Series

“The Gender Paradox: Javanese Women and the Appeal of Conservative-Islam.”  - Nancy J Smith-Hefner (Boston University)

“The Politics of Deliberation: Quat Chews as Public Spheres in Yemen.”  - Lisa Wedeen (University of Chicago)

"Protesting Jordan: Law, Space and Political Dissent.” - Jillian Schwedler (U of Mass-Amherst)

"Heavy Metal Islam: Popular Music and Muslim Public Spheres.” - Mark LeVine (UC Irvine)


2007-2008 Academic Year

McNamara Lecture Series

Fred Kniss (Loyola University Chicago) and Paul Numrich (MTSO)


2006-2007 Academic Year.

"Rise of Anti-Semitism in Europe and Muslim Countries" - Stephen Bronner (Rutgers University)

McNamara Lecture Series Panel    

"What Congregations Do"  - Mark Chaves (University of Arizona), Nancy Ammerman (Boston University), and Ram Cnaan (University of Pennsylvania)


2005-2006 Academic Year

McNamara Lecture Series Panel       

"Religion, Race and the City." Michael Emerson (Rice University), Omar McRoberts (University of Chicago), Richard Wood (University of New Mexico)


2004-2005 Academic Year

McNamara Lecture Series

"Muslim Visibilities: Examples from the Cities of Chicago and Copenhagen” – Garbi Schmidt (Danish National Institute of Social Research)


2003-2004 Academic Year

Sociology of Religion Symposium

– “The Ethnographic Study of Religion: An Interdisciplinary Conversation”

"The Range of Religious Practice and the Strictures of Ethnographic Research Methods” – Karen McCarthy Brown (Drew University)

"Truth, Subjectivity, and Ethnography” – Lynn Davidman (Brown University)

"Religious Ethnography or ‘Orientalism’: Insider/Outsider Dynamics in Field Research on Muslims in North America” – Frederick M. Denny (University of Colorado – Boulder)


2002-2003 Academic Year

McNamara Lecture Series

"Islamic Responses and Academic Responsibilities in the Wake of 9/11” – Cynthia Mahmood (University of Notre Dame)


2001-2002 Academic Year

McNamara Lecture Series

"“Religion and Immigration in a Global Age” – Jose Cassanova (The New School)

"The Role of Religion for New Immigrants in Los Angeles” – Donald Miller (USC)

"Religion Across Borders: Religious Transnational Networks in Immigrant Communities” – Helen Rose Ebaugh (University of Huston)


2000-2001 Academic Year

McNamara Lecture Series

“Lived Religion and the Material Body” – Meredith McGuire (Trinity University)

“Pray your Weight Away: The Culture of American Christian Diet and Fitness” – R. Marie Griffith (Princeton University)

"Hints Followed by Guesses: Interpreting the Religious in Daily Conversations” – Courtney Bender (Columbia University)


1999-2000 Academic Year

McNamara Lecture Series Panel

 “What We Know (And What We Wish We Knew) about Contemporary American Catholics – Dean Hoge (Catholic University of America), William D’Antonio (Catholic University of America), James Davidson (Purdue University), Katherine Meyer (Ohio State University), nad Ruth Wallace (George Washington University.


1998-1999 Academic Year

McNamara Center For the Social Study of Religion Inaugural Symposium

Knowing our Limits: The Conversation Between Social Science and Religion” – R. Stephen Warner


1997-1998 Academic Year

Sociology of Religion Lecture Series

Sociology as Prophecy: The Future of the Catholic Church from an Hispanic Perspective” – Ana Maria Diaz-Stephens (Union Theological Seminary)

Catholics and the Moral Veto: 20th Century Birth Control Policies in the US” – Gene Burns (Michigan State University)


1993-1994 Academic Year

 Sociology of Religion Lecture Series

"Restructuring Parish Leadership: Catholic Women Pastors."   Ruth Wallace (George Washington University).

"Celibacy, Sacrament, and Control in the Catholic Church: Causes and Consequences of the Priest Shortage."   Richard Schoenherr (University of Wisconsin).

Patrick McNamara (University of New Mexico)


1992-1993 Academic Year

Sociology of Religion Lecture Series

"Congregations and Communities: The Dynamics of Change."  Nancy Ammerman (Emory University).

"Expanding Female Opportunities and Shrinking Catholic Convents: A Cross-National Perspective."  Helen Rose Ebaugh (University of Huston)

"Gods, Guns, and Gandhi: A New Paradigm for Conflict." Lester R. Kurtz (University of Texas, Austin).