Loyola University Chicago

McNamara Center

Robert McNamara Award

for Graduate Student Research in the Sociology of Religion

YearRecipientResearch Project
2016 Beth Dougherty "It Felt Like the Moment: Sensory Narrative as a Key to Unraveling Religious Experience" (paper)
2015 Courtney Ann Irby "Dating in Light of Christ: Young Evangelicals Negotiating Gender in the Context of Religious and Secular American Culture" and  "Moving Beyond Agency: A Review of Gender and Intimate Relationships in Conservative Religions" (articles)
2014 Soulit Chacko
"Treading Identities: Second-Generation Christian Indian-Americans Negotiating Race, Ethnicity and Religion in America” (thesis)
2013 Todd Nicholas Fuist
"The World is Not Yet Completed": Culture, Faith, and Everyday Politics" (dissertation)
2012 Thomas Josephsohn
"Moral Landscapes: Religion, Secularism and Symbolic Boundaries" (dissertation)
2011 Norman Ruano
"The Holy Ghost Beyond the Church Walls: Latino Pentecostalism(s), Congregations, and Civic Engagement" (dissertation)
2010 Courtney Ann Irby
"Conformity and Rebellion: Moral Strategies for Christian Relationships Among Young, Unmarried Evangelicals" (thesis)
2009  Kersten Priest
 "Caring for the Least of These:  Christian Womens' Short Term Mission Travel" (dissertation)