Kristamae Masiclat

Kristamae  Masiclat

Learn more about Kristamae Masiclat's research project: Cultural influence on second-generation Filipino nursing students.

When you started nursing school, were you interested in doing research? 

I always had a slight interest in research, but I never thought I would be involved with research during my time here at Loyola. This is mostly because I was not really aware of the opportunities for research as a nursing major. When I showed interest in conducting my own research project after attending a nursing research council meeting, they really encouraged me to find something I am passionate and curious about. As a Filipino nursing student, I always was curious as to exactly why nursing continues to be a dominant career choice for Filipinos. 

A lot of my nursing professors are/have been involved in research, so if I ever needed advice they were more than happy to share. My mentor, Dr. Jorgia Connor, especially has been the greatest help for me. My project topic was actually inspired by her since she is conducting her own study with the focus towards Filipino women. 

What is your main research focus and what are you hoping it will accomplish? Now that you have research experience, do you see yourself doing it after graduation? 

Anecdotally, a big component as to why second-generation Filipinos go into nursing could be traced back to the cultural influences of Filipinos. My aim for this project is to explore reasons why second-generation nursing students chose nursing as their career path, and to find out and identify the cultural influences associated with that choice. 

The reason why I decided to do this project was to expose myself to research and to see if this is something I could potentially do in the future. I think my research topic can start influential conversations about cultural influences among the Asian communities and how it affects an individual when choosing a career path. 

I think I will continue to do research post-graduation eventually. I spent a summer in South Africa doing a public health program and worked with HIV/AIDS clinics, and they really expressed the need for more people in the field and in research. I would really love to be involved in public health research, such as being involved with the World Health Organization. Although my research topic may seem minuscule in comparison, this was a great first step and experience. 

What kind of topics in nursing do you think need more research? 

Implementing policies and care for patients heavily depends on research. Nurses see everything firsthand, we have the best idea of the patient, and we can identify problems or what can be improved to promote quality outcomes. Personally, I think more research needs to be done on underserved populations and how to promote quality health outcomes for them.