Experience a different model of health care

Expand your knowledge of global health by studying abroad in England where you will work alongside community health nurses for the British National Health Service. The two-week long experience is a requirement of the Community Health Nursing course (CMAN 380) and is offered in the spring semester of your junior year. In England, you will explore the British health care delivery system, gain an understanding of international health care issues, and develop international friendships.

The program is held in the town of Guildford, a 45-minute train trip from London. The theory portion of the course is taught by a Loyola faculty member.

Students will participate in a variety of clinical experiences working with British Community Health nurses at Virgin Care, a community-based organization that delivers care for the British National Health Service, and other clinical agencies. In Guildford, students are housed in double rooms in a modern hotel, the Guildford Travelodge. The fee for the hotel includes breakfast each day of the week and internet service.

Before departing to England, students have class and clinical experiences in Chicago. The portion of the course that is taught in the Chicago is offered over a five-week period, with class two days and clinical experiences one day each week.

Because the experience in England ends at the start of Loyola’s Spring Break, students have the choice to remain in Europe and travel for one week before returning to Chicago. Students can also choose to spend an additional week in England, exploring Guildford, the surrounding countryside, and London. The experience provides students with the opportunity to become better acquainted with the people, culture, and health care system of the England.

For more information, e-mail Dr. Patricia Stapleton, assistant professor and associate department chair.