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Pre-Health Professions Advisory Committee (PHPAC)

PHPAC Registration is now closed!

Our Pre-Health Professions Advisory Committee process is underway! Students and alumni planning to apply to health professional school this coming summer (apply summer 2023 for matriculation fall 2024) should have completed registration via PHAD by this time. Please see the information below regarding deadlines and resources for this year’s process. 

Materials necessary to complete the committee process are available on Handshake and the Pre-Health Applications Database (PHAD) is now open.


2024M PHPAC Deliverables Timeline


First-time Applicant Timeline

PHAD Registration: November 15, 2022

Applicant Self-Assessment: November 15, 2022

Autobiography: December 1, 2022

AMCAS 15 Format*: February 1, 2023

At least 1 advising appointment by: February 1, 2023

Starter Essays: March 1, 2023

Personal Statement & Rubric: April 1, 2023

Request LORs in PHAD: April 1, 2023

School Selection: May 1, 2023

Applicant Self-Assessment: May 1, 2023

At least 2 advising appointments: May 1, 2023

Letters of Recommendation: May 15, 2023

PDF of Application**: June 1, 2023


Re-Applicant Timeline

PHAD registration opens March 1, 2023

PHAD registration closes June 1, 2023

Letters of Recommendation: June 5, 2023

PDF of Application** June 1, 2023



*or the equivalent if applying for other health professions programs

**this is part of the official final request for a Committee Letter


Re-Applicant Committee Registration 

Re-Applicant registration will open March 1, 2023 and close on June 1, 2023. Information regarding the Re-Applicant Process can be viewed in the 2024M Re-Applicant Process attachment.

Re-applicants, or students who have already submitted an application to a professional school database (regardless of how far you went in the process), will follow a separate PHPAC cycle than new applicants. New applicants apply in fall and complete a 6 month process while the re-applicants will solely register for a committee letter in late spring 2023 for a 2024 matriculation. Re-applicants will not have to adhere to our PHPAC deliverable deadlines, but they will need to provide letters of recommendation to our committee by a specific deadline.

General PHPAC Information

The Pre-Health Professions Advisory Committee (PHPAC) process guides, advises, and gets to know Loyola students and alumni better to evaluate them personally, academically, and on their professional orientation when applying to health professions schools. The committee cycle extends from November (fall semester) through the following summer (2023).  

Re-applicants are students and alumni who are participating in the applicant process after having submitted a medical or dental school application (via AADSAS, AMCAS, AACOMAS, and/or TMDSAS) in a prior cycle, whether or not they have requested a Committee Letter from Loyola or any other school.

NOTE: All deadlines are 5:00 PM (Central). There are no exceptions for missed deadlines; we advise you to submit materials early to avoid missing any deadlines. 

The Pre-Health Professions Advisory Committee has curated, executed, and revised a series of resources for prsented for the Fall 2023M class. Whether this is your first time applying to a health professional school or not, theseapplication resourcesare vital to supporting you in the process. You can also find more information about the process on ourfrequently asked questionspage. 

Please continue to review our webpage for updated dates and deadlines for registration for the next PHPAC process.