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PHPAC Re-Applicant Registration Closes June 14!

"Re-applicant" refers to an individual who is participating in the re-applicant process after having fully completed the committee process in a prior year, including meeting with their committee advisor and requesting a committee letter to support an application to medical or dental schools. Rather, an individual Pre-Health Professions Advisor writes an addendum to the applicant’s previous Committee letter detailing how the applicant has improved his or her candidacy. The applicant is responsible for providing supporting information to the Pre-Health office via the Pre-Health Applications Database. Pre-Health Advisors are randomly assigned to write the addendum. Re-Applicants are held to the same policies and procedures for releasing their re-applicant letters as the first time Pre-Health Professions Advisory Committee applicants.

Registration for the Re-Applicant process for Fall 2022 entry to health professional schools is now open until June 14, 2021.

Full details regaridng the registration process can be found here.

Pre-Health Professions Advisory Committee

The Pre-Health Professions Advisory Committee (PHPAC) process guides, advises, and gets to know Loyola students and alumni better to evaluate them personally, academically, and on their professional orientation when applying to medical or dental schools. The Committee process is a means for a Committee Advisor and the entire PHPAC to assess Committee participants for their chosen health profession. The Committee cycle extends from November through the following summer.
Additional details regarding the PHPAC, including a thorough policies & procedures document with key deadlines, can be found on this page.
Though we are not currently accepting applications for the PHPAC, active applicants are encouraged to continually update their applications on the Pre-Health Applications Database through the duration of the cycle.
*If you've previously had a LUC PHPAC Letter released and are planning to re-apply to health professional schools this year: You will go through the re-application process, which has separate policies and timelines from this Committe process. The re-application cycle will launch sometime in April 2021.

Health Professional School Interview Webinar

Looking for tips, tricks, and advice on how to best prepared for your upcoming interview to health professional school? Check out this new webinar, hosted by Pre-Health Advisor Andrea Beaumont, and then schedule a mock interview on Handshake!

Continuity of Services during COVID-19

Given Loyola University Chicago's recently announced policy in response to COVID-19, all in-person programming will be indefinitely suspended and replaced by online appointments. This includes in-person appointments, drop-in advising, and workshops. To help ensure the continuity of services during this time, the Pre-Health Professions Program has curated a series of resources and responses to frequently asked questions. Find more information here.