Loyola University Chicago


Philosophy Statement

Loyola University Chicago Preschool is dedicated to providing a warm, nurturing environment where children can learn and grow. Our goal is to provide a childhood experience filled with adventure, investigation, exploration and friendship. We want to create a program where families and children feel at home and part of a warm, supportive community.

Our curriculum is based on the premise that children are naturally curious about their environment and that play is an essential ingredient of preschool programming. Through play in a well arranged and regularly enriched environment, children learn about themselves as they develop their cognitive, social and emotional capabilities.

Our curriculum focuses first and foremost on social/emotional development. We provide experiences that foster a sense of self as a competent individual, an internalization of self-control, and a positive pattern of interaction with others. While nurturing and supporting each individual child, teachers also strive to encourage a sense of community and a sense of the importance of each child as a participating and valued member of the group.
Teachers create a challenging environment in which information is available through a variety of materials and experiences. We believe in teaching the whole child with attention given to all areas of development. Skill development is enhanced and supported through our units of study, from units on nutrition, polar animals, “our stories”, as well as other topics of interest to young children. Attention is given to issues of social justice and are blended into all areas of our curriculum.

As we look to the future, our goals for children are to become critical thinkers, have the necessary executive function skills to be academically successful and to continue their educational experiences with confidence and enthusiasm. We want children to not only be successful in their future academic career, but to look back at their experiences with a sense of belonging and fondness for their time spent at the preschool.