Linda Tuncay Zayer

Title/s:  Acting Associate Dean, Faculty and Research; Chair, Department of Marketing; Professor; John F. Smith Chair in Business Administration

Office #:  Schreiber 626

Phone: 312.915.6134



Linda Tuncay Zayer is a Professor of Marketing at the Quinlan School of Business. Her research explores gender, identity, branding and consumer behavior, with a focus on transformative consumer research and has been published in the top journals in the field including Journal of Consumer Research, Journal of Retailing, Journal of Advertising, among others as well as funded by various non-profits. Her expertise and scholarship have been featured in 50+ media outlets across television, newspapers, radio, books, podcasts and other digital media.  She is passionate about working with clients as part of her consulting work focused on branding and consumer insights as well as teaching undergraduate and graduate students. She also serves on the working group for Gender Equality for the Principles of Responsible Management Education initiative for the United Nations.


  • PhD from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • MBA from University of Notre Dame
  • Bachelor of Science, Marketing, Indiana University

Research Interests

Gender and gender justice, consumer culture, transformative consumer research, advertising and media representations, social media, health care, sustainability.

Professional & Community Affiliations

Offices Held in Professional Organizations

  • At Large Board Member, Consumer Culture Theory Consortium, 2020-2023
  • Advisory Board Member, GENMAC, 2017- present
  • Vice President of Communications, American Marketing Association, Consumer Behavior Special Interest Group, 2006 - 2016
  • Treasurer, Consumer Culture Theory Consortium, 2011 - 2014


Awards and Honors

  • Visiting Professor Program, Association of National Advertisers Educational Foundation, 2020
  • Champion Award by the SCN, a non-profit mutual aid organization, 2018
  • Honorable Mention for Best Paper of 2012, Consumption, Markets & Culture.
  • Selected as Researcher of the Year in the Quinlan School of Business, 2009
  • Named Chicago Interactive Marketing Association Professor of Marketing by CIMA, 2009-2011
  • Recipient of the Best Overall Conference Paper Award and Best Paper in Consumer Psychology and Behavior Track at the American Marketing Association Summer Educator’s Conference, 2009
  • Visiting Professor Fellowship, Advertising Educational Foundation, 2006
  • AMA Sheth Foundation Doctoral Consortium Fellow 2004
  • Albert J. Haring Symposium Representative (Presenter), Indiana University 2004
  • John M. Jones Fellowship, 2001-2005

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Zayer, Linda Tuncay, “Storytelling beyond the ivory tower,” Journal of Marketing Management, 37 (3-4), 2021, 382-386. Invited commentary.

Coleman, Catherine, Eileen Fischer, and Linda Tuncay Zayer, “A Research Agenda for (Gender) Troubled Times: Striving for a Better Tomorrow,” the Journal of the Association for Consumer Research, 6 (2), 2021, 205-210. Editorial.  

Coleman, Catherine, Linda Tuncay Zayer, and Özlem Hesapçi, “Institutional Logics, Gender, and Advertising within a Culture in Transition: Examining Strategies of Advertising Professionals in Turkey for Managing Institutional Complexity,” Journal of Macromarketing, 40(4), 2020, 510-527.

Zayer, Linda Tuncay, Mary Ann McGrath and Pilar Castro Gonzalez, "Men and Masculinities in a Changing World:  Delegitimizing Gender Ideals in Advertising"  European Journal of Marketing, 54 (1), 2020, 238-260.

Steinfield, Laurel, Minitia Sanghvi, Linda Tuncay Zayer, Catherine Coleman, Nacima Ourahmoune, Robert Harrison, Wendy Hein, and Jan Brace-Govan, “Transformative Intersectionality: Moving Business Towards a Critical Praxis,” Journal of Business Research, 100 (July), 2019, 366-375.

Steinfield, Laurel, Catherine Coleman, Linda Tuncay Zayer, Nacima Ourahmoune, Wendy Hein, “Power Logics of Consumers' Gendered (In)justices: Reading Reproductive Health Interventions through the Transformative Gender Justice Framework,” Consumption Markets & Culture, 22 (4), 2019, 406-429

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Zayer, Linda Tuncay and Catherine Coleman, “Advertising Professionals’ Perceptions of the Impact of Gender Portrayals on Men and Women: A Question of Ethics?” Journal of Advertising, 44 (3), 2015, p. 264-275.
Zayer, Linda Tuncay, Cele C. Otnes, and Eileen Fischer, “The Nature and Implications of Consumers’ Experiential Framings of Failure in High-Risk Service Contexts,” Journal of Service Research, 18 (3), 2015, p 303-317.

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Schmidt, Jeff, Linda Tuncay Zayer, and Roger Calantone, “Grumpier Old Men: Age and Sex Differences in the Evaluation of New Services,”Journal of Product Innovation Management, 29 (1), 2012, 87-98.

Zayer, Linda Tuncay and Stacy Neier, “An Exploration of Men’s Brand Relationships,”Qualitative Market Research: An International Journal,14 (1) 2011, 83-104.

Zayer, Linda Tuncay, “A Typology of Men’s Conceptualizations of Ideal Masculinity in Advertising,”Advertising & Society Review, 10 (April), 2010.  Lead article.

Tuncay, Linda and Cele C. Otnes, “The Use of Persuasion Management Strategies by Identity-Vulnerable Consumers: The Case of Heterosexual Male Shoppers.”Journal of Retailing, 84 (December) 2008, p. 487-499.

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Edited Book

Gender, Culture, and Consumer Behavior, Cele C. Otnes and Linda Tuncay Zayer eds., Psychology Press, 2012.

Book Chapters

Zayer, Linda Tuncay and Katheryn Pounders, "Gender Research in Marketing, Consumer Behavior, Advertising and Beyond:  Past, Present, and Future." in APA Handbook of Consumer Psychology, Lynn Kahle, Tina Lowrey, and Joel Huber eds., Taylor & Francis (forthcoming).

Zayer, Linda Tuncay, Wendy Hein, Jan Brace-Govan, Rob Harrison, Catherine Coleman, Nacima Ourahmoune, Minita Sanghvi, Laurel Steinfield, “Renaissance of Gender Equality Research,” in Struggles and Successes in the Pursuit of Sustainable Development for the Principles of Management Education (PRME) Series, Tay Keong Tan, Patricia Flynn, and Milenko Gudic eds., Routledge, 2020.

Zayer, Linda Tuncay, Catherine Coleman, and Jose Luis Rodriguez Orjuela, “‘Femvertising Discourses and Online Consumer Engagement: A Case Analysis of Under Armour’s #IWillWhatIWant Brand Campaign” in The Routledge Handbook on Positive Communication, José Antonio Muniz Velazquez and Cristina Pulido, eds., Routledge, 2019.

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Zayer Tuncay, Linda and Cele C. Otnes, "Exploring the Link between Masculinity and Consumption," in Brick & Mortar Shopping in the 21st Century,Tina M. Lowrey ed., 2008, p.153-168, Erlbaum Associates.


2009-2011: Chicago Interactive Marketing Association, $10,000

2016:Association for Consumer Research (Transformative Consumer Research Grant Tier II), Principle Investigator, $4,000 total, Co-investigator: C. Coleman, 

American Academy of Advertising, $2000, Co-researchers Catherine Coleman, TCU and Özlem Hesapçi, Boğaziçi University