Gain the necessary skills to become globally adept

As a future business leader, you'll need an international outlook to be prepared for an ever-changing global economy. At the Quinlan School of Business, we offer immersive study abroad experiences to help you develop a global, cross-cultural perspective.

Our intensive programs will test and enhance your skills in a real-world setting. You'll see how companies in other countries handle their business challenges and opportunities.

You'll gain key insights into international business while building a strong network of your classmates and the business professionals you’ll meet while abroad.

Study abroad courses are open to both part-time and full-time students for full academic credit. Classes are taught by our top professors and are offered in a variety of disciplines.

Find a study abroad experience that fits your interests and goals:

Experience the world

Our study abroad adventures span the globe. Here are some of the places Quinlan students have visited:

  • Southeast Asia (Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand)
  • Croatia
  • Italy
  • Finland

Through study abroad courses, you'll gain a greater appreciation for the challenges, wonders, and opportunities in some of the most compelling regions of the world.