In service to our students and the business community, we have developed these essential sources of learning and real-world involvement built on the expertise of our faculty and their local and global connections.

Our services draw upon the interdisciplinary resources of the Business Leadership Hub, Loyola University Chicago, and the global network of more than 170 Jesuit colleges and universities.

Business Leadership Hub

The Loyola Business Leadership Hub is your gateway to the best of academic thought and practical solutions.

We have broad business knowledge and insights, as well as a deep understanding of your organization and its unique challenges through our centers specializing in:

Business and Social Impact

The Baumhart Center for Social Enterprise and Responsibility prepares leaders to tackle society's most pressing challenges through education, engagement, and research. LEARN MORE

Continuing Education

The Executive and Professional Education Center is in the business of lifelong professional development. LEARN MORE

Family Business

The Family Business Center is a community of business-owning families dedicated to learning and sharing knowledge to repair, sustain, and grow successful family businesses. LEARN MORE

Student-run business

Loyola Limited provides undergraduate students with unparalleled experiential learning opportunities by employing them to fully run on-campus businesses. LEARN MORE

Supply Chain

The Supply Chain and Sustainability Center (SCSC) will be the premier destination for organizations seeking sustainable supply chain solutions. LEARN MORE


The Center for Innovation provides the skills and resources needed to unleash the innovation in your existing business, as well as connect with the entrepreneurship community. LEARN MORE

Risk Management

Manage the full spectrum of enterprise risk in a rapidly changing global economy with the expertise of the Center for Risk Management. LEARN MORE

Leadership Centers and Labs


Ignite Lab

Our virtual idea factory, Ignite Lab enables Loyola students, staff, and faculty to turn their entrepreneurial passion into reality.


CME Group Foundation Business Analytics Lab

Using databases to build business strategies requires actionable insights and rapid response. This lab offers hands-on training in devising solutions.


Center for Financial and Policy Studies

This center links real-world insights from nationally recognized experts with the latest research in banking and financial services.


Center for International Business

Business development needs to be both sustainable and ethical. This center furthers this mission through collaborative discussions and dialogues.