Quinlan School of Business faculty are dedicated teachers–and active researchers with a special focus on corporate responsibility.

In the last five years, Quinlan faculty have more than 85 publications linked to responsible business practices. Our faculty's research impacts how corporate social responsibility is handled in today’s business schools and in businesses and organizations around the world. Ultimately, it impacts how people lead their daily lives. Our research focuses on:

  • Responsible business practices
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Sustainability
  • Race and business
  • Ethical behavior
Examples of faculty research

Our economic future with COVID-19

Professor Abol Jalilvand offers his take on the short-term and long-term economic implications of the COVID-19 pandemic. READ MORE

Three professors are leaders in research on gender and marketing

Professors Jenna Drenten, Katherine Sredl, and Linda Tuncay Zayer contributed their revolutionary research to the Handbook of Research on Gender and Marketing. READ MORE

Workers’ rights should apply to Uber and Lyft, too, says Professor Norlander

Professor Peter Norlander has challenged Uber and Lyft to consider issues of worker's rights for their drivers. READ MORE

Professor helps Malaysian university integrate sustainability initiatives through Fulbright

Professor Nancy Landrum fulfilled a lifelong goal of participating in the Fulbright program, working with Quest International University Perak in Malaysia to implement sustainability initiatives. READ MORE

Transgender communities find funding and community on digital platforms, according to research by Professor Drenten

As a Gannon Center Faculty Fellow, Professor Jenna Drenten studied transgender communities, crowdfunding, and TikTok. READ MORE

Marketing research needs to be driven by social justice, says Professor Ekpo

Professor Akon Ekpo studies how the marketplace marginalizes minorities and calls for marketing research to be driven by social justice. READ MORE

Sexual assault victims have an incentive to report early, says Professor Lee

In her theoretical research, Assistant Professor Frances Lee finds that victims of sexual assaults have a stronger incentive to report early to encourage other reporters than libelers do. READ MORE

Taking stock of market uncertainty

Investors should be careful about how to use and interpret financial analysts’ forecasts, suggests research by Professor Hae mi Choi. READ MORE