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Quinlan School of Business

Faculty and Staff

Timothy Classen

Title/s: Associate Professor

Office #: Schreiber 420

Phone: 312.915.6184

E-mail: tclass1@luc.edu

External Webpage: http://homepages.luc.edu/~tclass1/


Professor Classen’s research focuses on economic causes and consequences of deleterious health behaviors such as obesity, suicide and drug abuse. He has published research on  the intergenerational transmission of obesity and subsequent correlations in human capital investments over time within families as well as the relationship of job loss and durations of unemployment to fluctuations in suicide rates.  He is currently studying the effects of states’ Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs on rates of overdoses from opiate painkillers.

Dr. Classen was awarded the Quinlan Faculty Service Award in 2014 and Outstanding Teacher of the Year for Undergraduate Programs at Quinlan in 2016.  He seeks to engender in students and colleagues an understanding of how Loyola’s mission to promote and foster social justice can be realized through improving health disparities in both the U.S. and foreign health care systems.


  • PhD Economics, University of Wisconsin-Madison, December 2006

  • MA Economics, University of Chicago, 1997

  • BA Mathematics and Economics, Macalester College, 1996

Research Interests

  • Health Economics

  • Microeconomics

  • Econometrics

Professional & Community Affiliations

  • American Economic Association

  • International Health Economics Association

  • American Society of Health Economists

Courses Taught

  • ECON 201. Introduction to Microeconomics

  • ECON 329. Health Economics

  • ECON 346. Introduction to Econometrics 

  • HCMT 502. Health Care Economics

Selected Publications

Classen, T.J. and O. Thompson "Genes and the intergenerational transmission of BMI and obesity," Economics and Human Biology, 23.1, (2016) 121-133.


Classen, T.J., R.A. Dunn. "The effect of job loss and unemployment duration on suicide risk in the United States: a new look using mass-layoffs and unemployment duration." Health Economics, 21.3 (2012). 338-350


Classen, T.J. "Changes Over Time in the Relationship of Obesity to Education Accumulation." Forthcoming in Eastern Economic Journal.

Classen, T.J., R.A. Dunn. "Suicide, social integration and fertility rates." Applied Economics Letters. 18.11 (2011). 1011-1014


Classen, T.J. "Measures of the intergenerational transmission of body mass index between mothers and their children in the United States, 1981-2004." Economics and Human Biology. 8.1 (2010). 30-43.  


Classen, T.J. "The Politics of Hope and Despair: The Effect of Presidential Election Outcomes on Suicide Rates." Social Science Quarterly. (2009).  

Classen, T.J., C. Hokayem. "Childhood Influences on Youth Obesity." Economics and Human Biology. 3.2 (2005). 165-187.  

Presentation of Refereed Papers 

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