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Galluzzo, Paola

Title/s:  Adjunct Professor

Email: pgalluzzo1@luc.edu


Paola Galluzzo graduated with a laurea in Biological Science (2004), an MA in Biotechnological Controls and Application (2006), and a PhD in Biology Applied to Human Health (2009), all from the Roma Tre University. She was a post-doctoral fellow (2009-2011) and then a research assistant professor (2011-2014) at Loyola University Chicago Medical Center. She became an adjunct professor at the JFRC in 2015 when she moved back to Rome. As a student, her initial research focused on the study of molecular determinants; as a PhD student her interest expanded to the role of estrogen receptors in different cellular contexts in normal and cancer cells and the protective role of estrogens in reproductive and non-reproductive tissues. During her post-doctoral fellowship, her research moved toward estrogen receptors expression and activity in non-small cell lung cancer and hypoxic non-small cell lung cancer microenvironment, which is considered responsible for standard chemotherapy resistance, cancer recurrence, and metastasization.


  • PhD, Biology applied to human health, Roma Tre University
  • MA, Biotechnological Controls and Application, Roma Tre University
  • Laurea, Biological Science, Roma Tre University

Research Interests

  • Signal transduction pathways activated by hormone receptors and tyrosine kinase receptors
  • Molecular mechanisms underlying steroid hormone-regulated cell cycle progression and apoptosis
  • Mechanisms at the root of the anti-proliferative effects of diet-derived compounds
  • Hypoxic non-small lung cancer cells tumor microenvironment and drug resistance mechanisms