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Jessica Dent

Jessica Dent

Jessica is a 2023 graduate of the BA Applied Psychology program.

Building a Better Foundation

Jessica decided to return to school to complete her bachelor's degree, and SCPS provided her with the flexibility and convenience she needed as a single parent. Being a mother, she required a program that could adjust to her lifestyle and enable her to care for her child while pursuing her education. SCPS offered her the opportunity to achieve her educational goals without compromising her responsibilities as a parent.

One aspect that stood out during her time at SCPS was the impact of dedicated professors. SCPS professors' commitment to student success and their coaching approach left a lasting impression. They helped her navigate her academic journey and provided the support she needed to excel.

For Jessica, going back to school as an adult was a deliberate choice, driven by a clear understanding of what she needed to do and the determination to see it through. She encourages other adult learners to recognize their capabilities, focus, and drive, emphasizing that they are well-equipped to complete their degree with intentionality.

"You're capable. You you have what it takes. You have the focus. You have the drive."

Jessica's ultimate goal with her degree from SCPS is to use it as a foundation for building her own company as an entrepreneur. While she may explore job opportunities, her primary focus is on leveraging her education to create her own path in the business world. 

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"You're capable. You have what it takes. You have the focus. You have the drive."