Loyola University Chicago

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University Legal Codes

Lakeside Campus

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Cage Code Number 4B825
DUNS Number 074368911
Federal Tax ID Number 36-1408475
FICE Code 001710
IL Corporate File Number N11084290
IL Dept. of Human Rights 91707-00-0
Institution Profile File Code 4689201
NAICS Code (used in lieu of SIC code) 611310


Maywood Campus

Organization Component Codes
01 School of Medicine
01 School of Nursing
Federal Tax ID Number 36-1408475
Entity ID Number 1361408475A2
Congressional District IL-007
DUNS Number (LUC) 791277940
CAGE Number 9M268
FICE Number 001710
IDHR Number 91707-00-0
IRB FWA 00017487
IACUC Assurance Number A31117-01
9-Digit Zip code 60153-3328
IPF Code 4689203
NTEE (Nat'l Taxonomy of Exempt Entities) Code B43
E.U. Participant ID Code 955390443