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Important Notes: 

  • Refer to the Guide to Completing PDF Forms for information about downloading forms, printing forms to PDF, and combining multiple documents into one file.
  • Fillable PDF forms should be downloaded/saved and opened with Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader.  Do not complete forms in the browser window.
  • When printing fillable forms to combine with other documentation, utilize Microsoft Print to PDF rather than Adobe PDF.
  • Forms that specifically deal with sensitive information are secured on our website and require a Loyola login (UVID) and password to access. *
Forms by Department:

Accounts Payable Forms:
Electronic Payment Request Form 

Expense Reimbursement Form * Instructions
AP Expense Transfer  Instructions
Foreign National Information Form (Independent Contractor) Procedures
Missing Receipt Form  
Personal Purchase Reimbursement Form Instructions
Electronic W9/W8 Submission Form Instructions
Workers Classification Review Form (Independent Contractor)‌  
Budget & Financial Analysis Forms: 
Temporary Budget Transfer - BA Instructions 
Permanent Budget Transfer - BF Instructions 
Capital Budget Amendment/Modification Instructions 
Capital Budget Detailed Request Instructions 
Capital Budget Initial Request Instructions 
General Accounting Forms: 
Asset Tag Form  
University Deposit Slip 
     Itemized Deposit Detail
Equipment Disposal Form  
GL Transfer Form
(formerly Expense Transfer) 
Level Reorganization Request Form Instructions
New Accounting Unit Request Form Instructions
Petty Cash Reimbursement  Instructions 
Salary Transfer Request Form Instructions
Standard Journal Entry Instructions
Year End Accrual Form Instructions & Examples
Financial Application Access Forms:  
System Access Request Form
(For New, Revised, or Additional Access for a Single User)
AU/Level Access Form
(For Single AU or Level Access for Existing Users)
HR/Finance Department Lawson System Access
(Finance Use Only)
Payroll Forms:
Kronos Supervisory Rights Access Form  
Direct Deposit Form  
Manual Timecard Instructions 
W-2 Request Form (PDF)
W-2 Request Form (Excel)
Procurement Card Program Forms:
Procard Application Form  
PNC Cardholder Agreement  
ProCard Monthly Reconciliation & Approval Form  
Procard Approver Form  
ProCard Approver Agreement  
ProCard Credit Limit Increase Request  
Missing Receipt Form  
Personal Purchase Reimbursement Form Instructions
Transaction Dispute Form (PNC)  
ProCard Expense Transfer Request Form Instructions 
Purchasing Forms:
Purchasing Requisition Instructions 
Purchasing Checklist and Bid Summary Form Instructions 
Loyola Supplier Performance Survey  
Supplier Conflict of Interest and Compliance Certification Form  
Gift Card/Gift Certificate Disbursement Log  
Gift Card Purchase Authorization Form  
Equipment Screening Certification  
Standard Agreement for Consulting Services
     ITS Consulting Attachment
Printing Forms  
Mail Center Forms  
Sponsored Program Accounting Forms:
Advanced Account Authorization Form Guidelines
Appropriation Transfer Request Instructions 
Tax Forms:
W-9 Form  Instructions 
Form W-8BEN (Payments Foreign Individuals)  Instructions 
Form W-8BEN-E (Payments to Foreign Entities)
     Sales Tax Reporting Template
Gift Card/Gift Certificate Disbursement Log    
Gift Card Purchase Authorization Form    
Foreign National Information Form (Independent Contractor)  
GLACIER Nonresident Alien Tax Compliance  
(To be completed by any new-hire who is not a U.S. Citizen or Legal Permanent Resident)
Workers Classification Review Form (Independent Contractor)‌  
Tax Information Certificate – Student Payments   
Sales Tax Reporting Template  
Travel Forms:
Egencia Guest Request Form  
Egencia Arranger Request Form  
Treasurer's Office EFT Forms:
Non-Repetitive Wire Transfer - EFT02B * Instructions
Setup Repetitive Wire Transfer - EFT01 * Instructions
Repetitive ACH/Wire Transfer - EFT02A * Instructions
LUC Bank Account to LUC Bank Account Authorization - LUtoLU.1 * Instructions
LUC Bank Account to LUC Bank Account Requisition - LUtoLU.2 * Instructions
EFT Database Requisition - EFT03B * Instructions
EFT Database Authorization - EFT03 * Instructions
(Treasurer and General Accounting use only)
Due to security and privacy issues, the current vendor file is not available. For Questions or assistance, please contact Accounts Payable at Payables@LUC.edu.
For any technical issues with the forms on this page please contact Financial Systems, FinancialSystems@luc.edu.