Loyola University Chicago

Maroon & Gold Standards of Excellence

How to Enroll

The Maroon and Gold Standards of Excellence program is an on-line customer service training program. At Loyola University Chicago we take pride in our history of service to others. The term Magis is a key element in Jesuit Spirituality, inviting us to do more in the hope of offering greater service. Whether we are serving others by facilitating learning in the classroom, participating in a community project or simply giving directions to a campus visitor, Loyolans have a tradition of providing excellent services to others.
In order to access the training, you will need to navigate to the HR – Maroon & Gold Sakai Project site located in Sakai. To access and join this project site, follow these instructions:
  1. Login to Sakai with your University Network ID (UVID).
  2. When you login, the Home section should appear. If not, please select the "Home" link located in the top-left corner.
  3. From the left-hand navigation bar, select the Membership link.
  4. Near the top of the webpage, select the "Joinable Sites" tab.
  5. Using the searchbox, search HR Maroon & Gold. Once you locate this site, select the site and choose "Join."
    • The site will now appear among the list of your Sakai sites and it will become visible under the "My Current Sites" tab. You can also see the training material within the "Sites" icon located at the top-right of the webpage.
Course Completion
Please follow the instructions within the site in order to review and complete the 7 sections of the Maroon & Gold training with a score of 100%.