Loyola University Chicago

Maroon & Gold Standards of Excellence

Maroon & Gold Standards of Excellence

The Maroon and Gold Standards of Excellence program is an on-line customer service training program. At Loyola University Chicago we take pride in our history of service to others. The term Magis is a key element in Jesuit Spirituality, inviting us to do more in the hope of offering greater service. Whether we are serving others by facilitating learning in the classroom, participating in a community project or simply giving directions to a campus visitor, Loyolans have a tradition of providing excellent services to others.

The Maroon and Gold Standards of Excellence is Loyola University Chicago's first on-line training program and is significant for several reasons:

  1. This program was developed specifically for Loyola University Chicago's community. While several off-the-shelf programs were evaluated, they failed to address the unique needs of an academic environment.
  2. The Program was developed to enhance the quality of client internal and external interactions.
  3. The program itself is housed on Adobe Connect; as on-line learning is becoming a major trend in the training industry Adobe Connect provides several advantages:
    • 24 hour/7 day accessibility, which provides convenience to learners and managers
    • A standardized, reliable delivery of "Maroon and Gold Standards of Excellence" to all employees
    • An online platform for managers and learners to receive reminders and program announcements and participate in discussions and electronic message boards

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