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Areas of Study

Stritch and Loyola's Biomedical Sciences Programs help you advance medicine, science, health – and your career.

If you are passionate about improving health, discovering a scientific breakthrough and serving individuals and communities large and small, apply to one of our programs.

With a Doctor of Medicine degree from Stritch, you will have the clinical skills and scientific knowledge to "walk" with your patients as you grow professionally and spiritually. Accompanying you on this journey: our expert faculty, leaders in their fields of research and/or practicing clinicians. Whether you want to work with individuals or in the lab – taking science from bench to bedside, and beyond -- Loyola prepares you to excel in your chosen specialty.

Stritch and Loyola's Biomedical Sciences Program offer several options and fields of study to meet your needs and help you launch or advance your career. Joint areas of study support Loyola's interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary approach to learning and working, allowing students to learn from faculty beyond the Health Sciences campus to further enrich and diversify their Doctor of Medicine degree. Additionally, students gain experience as part of a multi-disciplinary team and will learn to collaborate beyond the classroom or lab.

Single and Joint Degree Programs

Single and Joint Degree Programs