Loyola University Chicago

Vietnam Center

Housing and Meals


All students will reside in a Vietnamese university (Bach Khoa) residence hall centrally located in District 10 of Ho Chi Minh City. All rooms are equipped with Wi-Fi, have air-conditioning, and a ceiling fan. Your room will also include a private bathroom, a small refrigerator, and your own desk and dresser. Facilities at the residence hall include a shared common room near the residence hall rooms for Vietnam Center students and Bach Khoa partners, a canteen where you can purchase meals, a convenience store for snacks, etc., a fitness center, and study rooms. Students will have two or three fellow students participating in the Vietnam Center program as roommates. You are even able to participate in the student activities offered at the Bach Khoa University dormitory, including their English club and athletic games in the courtyard. Make this your home for your time in Vietnam.


You will not have a meal plan for your time in Vietnam. Located within close proximity to the residence hall and near your classes at Open University are dozens of student-oriented "canteens," family-run restaurants, and street vendors, all of which serve extremely affordable and delicious meals. We encourage students to plan to need $2 to $3 USD per meal. There is also a large grocery store near the residence hall for you to purchase various food or personal items that you can store in your room. In your first couple of days in Vietnam, your Bach Khoa partners and the Vietnam Center staff will orient you to these options in your new home. They will also show you where to purchase SIM cards and find other necessities for your semester in Ho Chi Minh City.