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Valuable lessons have been learned from recent tragic events at other universities. Important information about students is often housed in isolated areas and isn't connected until a tragedy strikes. The BCT will give faculty, staff and students one place to report their concerns about a student's behavior. Campus Safety should always be called first if it is an emergency. The BCT serves as the centralized coordinated body for discussion and action regarding students exhibiting suicidal, self-injurious and other behaviors which might pose a threat to students and/or others in the University community.

The BCT is chaired by the Dean of Students.  Additional members of the core group include a representative  from: 

To contact the BCT, you can call (773) 508-8300 or fill out a referral form.

Please contact the BCT in the following student situations: 

  • Personal safety is a concern
  • A student's behavior indicates acute personal distress
  • There is a pattern of disruptive or disturbing behavior
  • Alcohol, drug violations or other incidents necessitate a hospital transport