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Preparing for Student Move-out, Parking and Thinking Green

Loyola Neighborhood News: Lake Shore Campus - V3, I7

Each year, over 4100 students unload a semester’s worth of items to be packed in preparation to travel home for the summer.  Most finish their last final exam only to race back to their residence hall to begin the arduous task of packing, boxing and cleaning. 

Finals Exams are scheduled Monday, April 30 through Tuesday, May 8.

In an effort have a streamlined process for move-out, we sought the input of Alderman Harry Osterman’s Office, Sacred Heart Schools and local neighborhood leaders to develop a move-out plan that will alleviate traffic congestion and ensure that students can quickly and easily load vehicles and depart.
Parking will be restricted during the days and times as follows.

Thursday, May 3 – Tuesday, May 8 | 9:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.
Wednesday, May 9 | 8:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

Loyola Avenue from W. Sheridan to the Lake (south side only)
Winthrop Avenue from W. Sheridan to Rosemont (both sides)
Winthrop Avenue from Rosemont to Granville (west side only)
Rosemont Avenue from Winthrop to Sheridan (both sides)
Kenmore Avenue from Granville to Rosemont (east side only)

Special provisions will be made to accommodate Sacred Heart School along Rosemont Avenue during this time so there is no disruption in student drop off and pick up. Additionally, Campus Safety Officers will be present to direct traffic and quickly address any concerns.

Many upper-class students rent apartments in the area that are not operated by the university. While the university does not make special arrangements for these move-outs, a “special attention” is requested a special attention to no-parking areas around the university. Students who park cars illegally in tow-zones, blocking fire hydrants, or blocking driveways and alleys will face the consequences.

As Loyola strive to be the most sustainable campus in Chicago, the Center for Urban Environmental Research and Policy (CUERP) created “Think Green and Give, “a charitable collection event in which gently used, clean clothing and household items, and nonperishable unopened food/toiletries are collected at the end of the academic year when students move out of the residence halls for the summer. Several collection stations will be placed on both Water Tower and Lake Shore Campuses. In 2011, “Think Green and Give” netted 3,528 lbs of clothing and household goods diverted the landfill to be reused as intended!

Please feel free to contact Community Relations at with any questions about student move-out and parking.

- Summur Roberts, Director of Community Relations


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