Serving the diverse communities surrounding Loyola University Chicago's Lake Shore Campus

Founded in 1981 in a church basement by three faculty members, the Loyola Community Nursing Center (LCNC) began as an outreach program for the mothers, children, and elderly in the community. Since then, it has evolved into a valuable health care resource for families and seniors living in the culturally and economically diverse neighborhoods of Rogers Park, Edgewater, and Uptown. 

Read how the Loyola Community Nursing Center has helped students gain nursing experience while transforming lives in the local community.

The Loyola Community Nursing Center relies on nursing students, dietetic interns, and health systems management students from Loyola's Marcella Niehoff School of Nursing and Parkinson School of Health Sciences and Public Health. Supervised by nursing faculty, students have the opportunity to gain clinical experience, while providing the community with much-needed health services.

Mission Statement

Our mission at the Loyola Community Nursing Center is compassionate community healing, teaching, and partnership to optimize well-being and advance social justice and health equity for the communities we serve. 


Healthy people in healthy communities of Rogers Park, Edgewater, and Uptown through excellence in community health nursing and neighborhood partnerships. 


  • Health Equity: LCNC promotes the attainment of the highest level of health for all people.
  • Nursing Scholarship: Develop diverse nurse leaders equipped to translate best practices and evaluate outcomes that advance community health.
  • Leadership: LCNC stands at the forefront to innovate and improve the effectiveness of nursing services and practice within community health.
  • Quality: LCNC promotes the use of evidence to inform practice to assure the provision of the highest quality community health services within Rogers Park, Uptown, and Edgewater, and evaluates its effectiveness.
  • Advocacy: LCNC advocates for the needs of community health through education and policy development.
  • Diverse and Competent Workforce: LCNC develops and assures the knowledge, behaviors, and skills for a competent community health workforce. LCNC workforce development is inclusive of Loyola Schools of Nursing, Social Work, Public Health, Education, and Law, and reflects the diversity of the communities it serves.

If you would like to learn more about our program, get information about our service, or reach a member of our team, please contact us here.

The Loyola Community Nursing Center is supported by Loyola University Chicago and various grants. All services are provided free of charge.