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Eating Near Water Tower on 25 Dollars a Day

Loyola Neighborhood News: Water Tower Campus - V3, I2

James Records here, your 21 year-old student that enjoys eating just about anything and being able to save a buck while doing it.

It is a bright sunny Sunday here in Chicago and a beautiful day for the Chicago Marathon. Being downtown around 8:00 a.m. is, needless to say, nearly impossible for a college student, let alone a senior, so first thing is first: coffee.

I wanted somewhere where I could enjoy my coffee and not feel cramped or bothered, especially on a busy day like today. I decided on ING Café on the corner of Chestnut and Wabash and right away I knew I made the right decision.

A cup of coffee and a blueberry muffin was exactly $3, which stands up against any other coffee shop around. The cashier was extremely friendly and the atmosphere was busy but also relaxing due to the sheer space. I was able to grab a table and enjoy my coffee and blueberry muffin, which was very moist and delicious, all while checking emails on my phone. If you are not on the technology train and don’t have a Smartphone, you can always sit at one of several complimentary computers and do your surfing that way.

After walking around for awhile, catching glimpses of some of the marathon, I started to work up an appetite and decided on Flaco’s Tacos on Chicago Ave, in between Rush and Wabash.  After watching all those people running for that long, it made me want something a little more on the healthy side.

My friend told me about the burrito bowls they have which are hard to find on the menu. So, I thought I would try out their chicken burrito bowl which was only $7.94. The wait was almost non-existent and before I knew it I had this bowl filled with fresh vegetables, grilled chicken on a bed of chopped lettuce staring me in the face. It was not super filling, which was nice, but it did the job and was quite enjoyable. I would say dine-in or take-out are both great options, the wait is practically nothing and the food is DE-lightful. The restaurant itself is cozy, inviting, and clean which makes dine-in a viable option. Now back out into the city for some more marathon madness.

Now having been in the sun all day and watching people run 26.2 miles, let’s be serious… I needed a beer. I wanted to finally succumb to the dive bar that I always believed to be intimidating, Streeter’s Tavern on Chicago Ave, in between Wabash and Rush. It was nothing like I expected, it was all decked out with Halloween decorations and had a pool table, a ping pong table, and an oversized Jenga. Even better though was all domestic drafts were $3 and their special was supreme nachos for $4. The food comes from Downtown Dog on the corner which is the kind of greasy deliciousness that I needed. The best part about the nachos was the fact that even though they were greasy the chips never got soggy. I thoroughly enjoyed my nachos and my beers to wash them down as well as the overall atmosphere.

The bar is one space which allows you to view all their televisions and all of its patrons. Ask to play winner on the next game of pool and sit back and enjoy your surroundings. All-in-all I spent $13.91 including tip and I actually see myself coming back to Streeter’s in the near future.

So for less than $25 dollars I was able to enjoy a quick breakfast, a healthy lunch, and satisfying dinner and a drink, all within walking distance of Loyola’s downtown campus. I encourage you to get out the office or house and just mosey to one of these three places to tickle your palette and fancy.

- James Records, Loyola Student on a Budget


ING Direct Cafe: http://cafes.ingdirect.com/chicago/

Flaco's Tacos: http://www.flacostacosonline.com/

Streeter's Tavern: http://rushanddivision.com/streeters-tavern/


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