Merit Awards, FInancial Aid and TuItion Payments

Merit Award

The department has one competitive merit award assistantship; it consists of a $12,000 research assistant stipend, full tuition waiver and health insurance coverage. In addition, a full tuition waiver for an underrepresented minority student is available. Both awards are competitive; for consideration, applications must be completed by March 1. Our faculty also may provide assistantships or hourly work on research from their research grants when it is available; these assistantships are given to students on a competitive basis and are often offered to more advanced skilled students.

Promissory Notes for Employer Reimbursement Tuition

The university has pre-established arrangements for students who are employed at agencies that pay for graduate education. Students must sign a promissory note, in case the employer does not pay part or all of the tuition. Please see the following website:

Applicants and currently admitted students should click here to find out about loans and other financial aid opportunities.  For information about tuition payments, please click here.