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Emergency Medical Services Program

CPR Certification Course

Like car insurance or a fire extinguisher, CPR is one of those things that we need but hope to never have to use. 

LUCEMS offers CPR training courses for all LUC students, faculty and staff.  We are now able to offer CPR training to people without affiliation to Loyola University Chicago.   

Heartsaver AED

Course Description: The Heartsaver AED course consists of the Heartsaver CPR course and AED certification.  Heartsaver teaches CPR and relief of choking in adults and children, infant CPR and relief of choking, and the use of barrier devices for all ages.  This course also includes Automatic Electronic Defibrillation certification.

Course Designed for: For those interested in CPR who are non healthcare providers.

Course Length: Approximately 3.5 hours with optional infant CPR/choking.  Approximately 2.5 hours without.

Student Materials: Student Manual, Student CD, Adult CPR Reminder Card, Child and Infant CPR Reminder Card

Course Notes: This course provides the student with a valid Heartsaver AED card valid for two years.  The infant portion of this course is optional and can be opted out of.

Course Cost: Loyola students, faculty and staff can take the class for a nominal $10 fee to cover the costs of supplies.  Non-LUC affiliated individuals cost $35 per student.  These prices include all necessary course supplies.  Payment is required at the start of the class.  Replacement CPR cards are $10. 

To Register, send an e-mail to lucemscpr@luc.edu.

BLS for Healthcare Professionals

Course Description: The BLS for Healthcare Providers Course covers core material such as adult and pediatric CPR (including two-rescuer scenarios and use of the bag mask), foreign-body airway obstruction, and automated external defibrillation.

Course Designed for: For healthcare providers or those people looking to enter the healthcare profession such as EMS personnel, physician assistants, doctors, dentists, nurses, and respiratory therapists who must have a credential (card) documenting successful completion of a CPR course.

Course Length: An initial certification class lasts approximately 4.5 hours.  A refresher course lasts approx 2 hours.

Student Materials: Student Manual, Student CD

Course Notes: Students requesting BLS for HCP for the first time must take the initial course.  The BLS certification must be renewed every two years by taking a refresher course.  This course provides the student with a valid BLS for HCP card valid for two years.

Course Cost: Initial Course: $65 per student.  Refresher Course: $50 per student.

To Register, send an e-mail to lucemscpr@luc.edu.

What to expect from the course

Why American Heart Association?

There are several different organizations that have set up their own standards for CPR training.  The American Heart Association (AHA), American Red Cross and the National Safety Council all offer their own CPR Certification classes.  At LUCEMS, we teach the curriculum as set forth by the AHA.  We choose to use the AHA because they are behind all CPR research and they create all of the guidelines that the other organizations follow.  In addition, AHA certification lasts for two years which means less time a participant needs to set aside for retraining.

Upcoming Classes

At the moment we are not hosting any CPR or First Aid classes over the summer months; however, classes will resume in September. If you would like to book a class off-campus, please contact the CPR/First Aid Coordinator Naveen Kanji at lucemscpr@luc.edu for further inquiries. Thank you!"


Heartsaver AED

To secure a spot in an upcoming class, please send an email to lucemscpr@luc.edu.

BLS for Healthcare Providers

To secure a spot in an upcoming class, please send an email to lucemscpr@luc.edu.

CPR Marathon

We recognize how serious it is that as many people as possible be trained in CPR.  This is something that can be used at any point in your life with any person you encounter during your day.  With that in mind, LUCEMS holds an annual 26 hour Marathon of CPR training. 

The 2009 saw the first CPR Marathon where over 70 people were trained in a 26 hour period.  In 2010 over 170 people were trained in a 26 hour marathon. 

More information on the next CPR Marathon will be coming soon.

For more information, send an e-mail to lucemscpr@luc.edu.

Set up a class

If you have a large group you'd like to offer CPR training to, we can organize a class specifically for you.  To set up a class please send an e-mail to lucemscpr@luc.edu.


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