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Our integrated style

The interplay of words, visuals, and presentation determines how our audiences perceive the institution. That is the essence of communication. Regardless of discipline, Loyola’s style aims to be clean, concise, and clearly recognizable. We intend our messages to be direct, memorable, and authentic—delivered with the end-user in mind.


Messages are true and can be authentically claimed by Loyola.


Less is more. We use a streamlined style that focuses on getting the most important information to the intended audience. Decisive editing of content, visuals, and design is a must, because a confusing message is a wasted opportunity.


A university is made up of people with different opinions and voices. The official voice of Loyola, however, as represented by University Marketing and Communication, must be consistent. This makes our messaging identifiable and effective.


Content should capture attention and encourage the audience to want to know more. We must identify the key audiences and determine the intended response. Differing presentation formats are strongly encouraged; they help users find and consume information quickly, while providing outlets to traditional, deep-dive reading opportunities.

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Best practice: Strike the right tone for the audience

We write for all kinds of readers, from high school students to CEOs of corporations—and our writing needs to reflect that. It also needs to reflect how the message is presented. Is it online? Over the radio? In a printed brochure? But, most importantly, our writing must reflect the message itself. A postcard to teens promoting a campus tour, for instance, would feel far less formal than an annual report that seeks the help of potential donors.


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