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University Marketing & Communication

Business cards

University business cards are built around the Loyola lockup with Promise line. It is anchored in the lower right. The employee’s information is divided into three areas. The Header block (a) displays organizational affiliation. The Name block (b) presents credentials and titles. The Contacts block (c) includes the employee’s physical address on campus and how they can be reached for work-related topics.

A—Header block

First entry, in Loyola maroon (one line): The broadest, most logical University affiliation. In most instances, this is the name of the division at the vice presidential level or the name of the school or college.

Second entry, in black (if needed for clarity): The name of the center, institute, office, or department.

•  Economize space when possible. Many times, “Division,” “School,” “Department,” and “Office” are not necessary for comprehension.

•  First entry in maroon should be one line; second entry can be two additional lines but one is preferred.

B—Name block

First entry: Name followed by relevant credentials

Second entry: Department and title(s).

• Up to three lines maximum for total block; two lines is preferred

•  When titles wrap over multiple lines, break information at logical junctures and separate entries with bullets.

C—Contacts block


Line 1: Office location

Line 2: Campus and official campus address

Line 3: City/State/ZIP


University Marketing & Communication
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