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Asian Studies


Courses, Requirements & Learning Outcomes

ASIA 101—Explorations in Asian Studies: This variable topics course introduces students both to Asia as a geographical region and to the field of Asian studies. Different sections of this course will focus on different themes to reflect the interests and expertise of the instructor. Possible topics include, but are not limited to: Asian Civilizations, Modern Asia, History of Asia, Religions of Asia or Asian Diasporas. The course will remain thematically focused but geographically broad in order to expose students to the diversity of countries and cultures that comprise Asia as a whole. To this end, the course will normally cover materials from East Asia, South Asia and Southeast Asia.


The Asian studies minor consists of six courses (18 credit hours) completed with a grade of “C” or better, including one required course, ASIA 101.

Two of the courses taken for the minor must be at the 300 level, and no more than three courses from any one department may count toward the minor. Coursework in Asian languages is not required, but courses in Asian languages may count toward the required coursework in Asian studies. Minors must complete an "Intent to Declare" form and submit the form to the Asian studies program director and then to their dean. For more information, please contact the Asian studies director.

Selected Cross-listed Course Offerings

In addition to the introductory courses, ASIA 101, these are some of the courses offered on a regular basis.


ASIA 215. (ANTH 215) Contemporary Japanese Culture  
ASIA 219. (ANTH 218) Contemporary Cultures of Southeast Asia
ASIA 271. (ANTH 271) Globalization and Local Cultures (selected sections with Asian content)
ASIA 361. (ANTH 261) Issues on Cultural Anthropology (selected sections with Asian content)

ASIA 323. (CMUN 323) Film Genre: Asian Cinema (variable topic)

ASIA 291. (ENGL 292) South Asian Literatures and Civilizations
ASIA 315. (ENGL 315) South Asian Literatures in Translation

ASIA 357. (FNAR 357) Art of Indian Asia
ASIA 358. (FNAR 358) Art and Culture of China
ASIA 359. (FNAR 359) Art and Culture of Japan

ASIA 108. (HIST 108) East Asia since 1500
ASIA 109. (HIST 109) Survey of Islamic History
ASIA 296. (HIST 296) Women in East Asia
ASIA 341. (HIST 342) Traditional China to 1500
ASIA 344. (HIST 344) Early Modern China, 1550–1800
ASIA 345. (HIST 345) Reform and Revolution in China, 1800–1949
ASIA 346. (HIST 346) China since 1949
ASIA 347. (HIST 347) Japan 1640–1945
ASIA 348. (HIST 348) Japan: World War II to the Present
ASIA 389. (HIST 389) The Vietnam War
ASIA 391. (HIST 391) Asian American History
ASIA 397. (HIST 300) Topics: South Asian History

ASIA 243. (LITR 343) South Asian Literature
ASIA 244. (LITR 244) Indian Films
ASIA 245. (LITR 245) Japanese Masterpieces
(Various courses) Chinese
(Various courses) Hindi-Urdu
(Various courses) Japanese
ASIA 287. (Literature in Translation, LITR 287) Asian Literature (selected sections)

ASIA 335. (PHIL 335) Philosophies of the East

ASIA 343. (PLSC 345) South and Southeast Asian Politics

ASIA 122. (SOCL 122) Race and Ethnic Relations
ASIA 280. (SOCL 280) Asian American Experience (variable topic)

ASIA 114. (THEO 114) Introduction to the Qur’an
ASIA 195. (THEO 195) Introduction to Islam
ASIA 196. (THEO 196) Introduction to Hinduism
ASIA 197. (THEO 197) Introduction to Buddhism
ASIA 199. (THEO 199) Religions of Asia
ASIA 297. (THEO 177) World Religions (selected sections)
ASIA 350. (THEO 350) Topics in Islam
ASIA 351. (THEO 351) Topics in Hinduism
ASIA 352. (THEO 352) Topics in Buddhism
ASIA 364. (THEO 364) Islamic Mysticism
ASIA 365. (THEO 365) Women, Gender, and Embodiment in Islam
ASIA 366. (THEO 366) Contemporary Islamic Thought and Movements