Loyola University Chicago

Asian Studies

Learning Outcomes

The Asian Studies minor is an interdisciplinary program of study, which incorporates the diversity of disciplinary approaches and geo-political areas of interest.  The minor seeks to introduce students to the rich variety of places, peoples, histories, relations, cultures, polities, environments with an emphasis on not only a singular nation-state, but to consider as well transnational, regional, and global connectivities.  Essential to developing, expanding, and enriching the process of learning, Asian Studies minors will demonstrate a knowledge and skills development in different ways:

  • Students will be able to articulate broadly the history of Asia or a particular Asian region.
  • Students will be develop an understanding of political experiences and forms of Asia/Asian region.
  • Students will be able to reflect on the interaction among and between Asian societies, historically and/or contemporaneously.
  • Students will develop basic understanding of the historical and contemporary connections of Asia/Asian region with the rest of the world (and expansively post-1500CE).
  • Students will be able to describe and differentiate various Asian religious traditions
  • Students will be able to articulate values of diversity, justice, and multi-culturalism in Asian and the rest of the world
  • Students will be able to demonstrate analytical, communications, and critical thinking skills through a variety of forms, textual, performative, and experiential: e.g. essays, oral presentations, language acquisition, cultural immersion (study/internships abroad), artistic.