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Pride, sportsmanship, and personal integrity carry over from the playing field into the classroom. Just as cheating in competition is a serious offense, it will also not be tolerated in any form in the academic realm. Each student-athlete is responsible for his or her own learning and academic work, including papers, studying, and test-taking. For every student, staff member, and professor that has the privilege of joining the university community, academic integrity must become a fundamental rule of operation.

Academic and athletic excellence necessitates fair play. Each student-athlete must remember he or she is responsible for the image others hold of Loyola University, intercollegiate athletics, and the team. Thus, penalties for academic dishonesty can be severe, ranging from failure of the assignment or test, failure in the class, loss of scholarship or team membership, to expulsion from the university.

In order to ensure that our student-athletes fully understand Loyola's policies on academic integrity, as well as the potential consequences in instances of academic dishonesty all student-athletes,  are required to complete an academic integrity module on GAMEPLAN during their first semester of college or their first semester as a member of an athletic team here at Loyola University.

For further information on university policy, go to the web site at http://www.luc.edu/academics/catalog/undergrad/reg_academicintegrity