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First-Year Orientation

Loyola University Chicago Orientation (LUCO) for first-year students is a mandatory, two-day, overnight program that is comprised of sessions to introduce you to what academic and student life is like at Loyola, you will be directed which one to sign up for as a student-athlete. During Orientation, you will learn about the many programs and services that are available to you, meet with an academic advisor, and confirm your fall semester classes. Orientation Leaders will share their Loyola Experience with you, answer your questions, and do their best to ensure your smooth transition into the Loyola community. 

As a student-athlete you will have already registered for classes before you come for orientation as you receive priority registration to help with the demands of your rigorous training and travel schedule.  This privilidge is something you need to prepare for so here are some things you can do.   

Things to complete before priority registration:

Loyola placement assessments help place you in courses that best fit your skill level. This allows you to get the most out of your Loyola education and assists you in progressing through your academic program as successfully and efficiently as possible. See which placement assessments you need to take in your Student Portal.

Placement Assessments

Deadline for Completion

Registration for classes cannot be guaranteed during priority registration if you do not complete your writing or foreign language placement assessment(s) at least one week before that date.

The math placement assessment will be available at orientation at 9:00AM on Day 1 and 2:00PM on Day 2 at first-year orientations, and 7:15AM at transfer orientations

AP/IB Credit

  • If you have taken any AP or IB exams and have a student report with your scores PLEASE BRING A COPY OF THE REPORT to your Orientation. You may have sent the scores to Loyola but that does not mean that they have posted that information yet. If you have taken either an AP or IB exam recently but don't know your scores yet, please make sure that you know the specific NAME OF THE EXAM. For instance, if you recently took the AP exam in English, please know whether it was the Comp/Lang exam vs the Comp/Lit exam.

Dual Transfer/High School Credit

  • If you have taken a college course (or 2) while in high school or are taking a college course this summer PLEASE EITHER BRING AN UNOFFICIAL TRANSCRIPT OR A CLASS SCHEDULE OF WHAT YOU ARE TAKING IN SUMMER.  You may have sent an unofficial transcript to Loyola but that does not mean that they have posted that information yet.  Furthermore, anyone who has taken college coursework while in high school must fill out a form in order for the coursework to transfer.  Please see the following website for further information and access to the required form.