Loyola University Chicago

Student-Athlete Advising

Student Academic Services

About Us

Our Purpose 

SAAS exists to provide premier academic and personal development resources to all student-athletes pursuing higher education and competing in collegiate athletics. We intend to empower, support, and mobilize future world leaders while cultivating self-sufficient student-athletes. Through a holistic approach and collaboration of SAAS, university and athletic department resources, all student-athletes will have the necessary tools to lead a life of leadership, scholarship, and service.   

Our Values 

  • We act with integrity  
  • We determine what success is – Leadership, Scholarship, Service to others    
  • We commit to transparent and proactive communication  
  • We expect growth, not perfection
  • We celebrate great work and great people - Amplify, Empower, and Advocate  

Structure and Oversight 

Academic Services and Student-Athlete Development is a part of Loyola University Chicago’s Student Academic Services unit and is located in the athletic department Norville Center Academic Suite. SAAS is overseen by the Assistant Athletic Director for Academics and Student-Athlete Development and is comprised of an Academic Advisor and several additional academic support professionals.  

Campus Collaboration 

SAAS collaborates with multiple units on campus including, but not limited to: 

  1. Undergraduate Admissions Office (UAO) 
  2. Graduate and Professional Enrollment Management (GPEM) 
  3. Registrar 
  4. First and Second Year Advising (FSYA) 
  5. New Student Programs (NSP) 
  6. Student Accessibility Center (SAC) 
  7. Tutoring Center 
  8. Colleges and Schools (undergraduate & graduate)