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Hundreds of students and more than a dozen organizations received awards at the Weekend of Excellence for their outstanding work throughout the school year. Thank you to all of the nominators for nominating their student employees. We are proud to announce the 2020 Student Employment Awards recipients and we appreciate their dedication, service and hard work.

Please see the 2020 Student Employment Awards  for a list of the 2020 award recipients.

Award Categories: 

Arrupe Person for Others Award
This award goes to two student employees who clearly serve others with a passion. 

Curis Apostolica Person for Institution Award
This award goes to two student employees who have demonstrated considerable care in their work tasks, commitment and attitude in promoting, developing and supporting the organization or institution where they are employed. Once recipient is recognized for work on campus; the other, for work away from Loyola. 

Ignatian Spirit Team of the Year Award
The Ignatian Spirit Award is given to the team or staff of employees who work with passion and dedication as if they live each day to “go forth and set the world on fire.” 

Student Employee of the Year 

This award goes to one student employee to recognize their outstanding contributions, achievements, and who has made a positive impact on the university.