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Understand Work-Study

The Basics:

Work-Study is a Federal grant awarded as part of a Financial Aid Package. It is earned by working a job either on-campus or in Community Work-Study during the fall or spring semester (not during summer).

Work-Study Wages are:

  • Minimum wage or higher
  • NOT applied to the student's university account, they are given to the student in a form of a paycheck
  • Taxable
  • Not counted in the following year's FAFSA formula
  • Paid by the employer, either Loyola University Chicago or the Community Partner
  • Used faster when the student has more than one work-study position

The Rights & Restrictions of Work-Study Students*:

Students who work in work-study positions receive Federal funds in their wage. Because of the funding, they have some unique rights and work restrictions that do not apply to other part-time employees. According to the Federal Government, the following is a list of those rights and restrictions:

  • Work-study students cannot be asked to maintain space that is used solely for religious worship.
  • Work-study students cannot work for a specific political party, politician, or candidate.
  • Work-study students cannot be asked to pay for work application-related procedures such as finger printing, KEYS testing, background checks, etc.
  • Work-study students cannot be asked to purchase uniform pieces beyond what all other staff are asked to purchase.
  • Students working in Community Work-Study cannot be asked to perform to direct fundraising solicitation (ask for donations). Activities such as donor research, database administration, etc. are allowable.
  • Work-study students must be a part-time employee of any organization they work for, not a contractor, sub-contractor, or consultant. All work must culminate in an annual W2.

* = US Department of Education Reference