Loyola University Chicago

Student Employment & Work-Study

Hiring Overview

Getting Started Guide

  • Budget Analysis
    • Budget: Do you have the funds to hire a student employee? Contact your budget/business or finance manager to confirm.
    • (On-Campus) Federal Work-Study: Over half of the Loyola undergraduates have a Federal Work-Study award and need a job to access that money. Have you considered hiring a student with a Federal Work-Study award in order to increase your budget line?
  • Designing Your Student Employment Experience
  • Recruitment
    • Recruit: Open your FREE account on Handshake (formerly RamblerLink). Utilization of the online recruiting tool, Handshake, enables you to reach a broad audience of potential student employees since ALL students have an account. Feel free to request a resume, cover letter, writing sample, proof of work-study, or whatever else you believe you need to recruit qualified students.
  • Hiring
    • On Campus Hire: Once you have selected a student(s), complete the appropriate hiring forms required by Human Resources and submit to HR. Download those forms here: http://www.luc.edu/hr/forms_newemp.shtml. NOTE: Students are hired much like FT University Employees, the hiring paperwork is centralized within HR.
    • Off Campus Hire: If you hired a student seeking to use a Federal Work-Study award, you MUST have a Community-based Federal Work-Study contract with our department. If you hired a student who does not want or need a work-study position, proceed with your standard hiring process.
    • Work-Study Reminder: Be sure your new student(s) has a work-study award if that is needed and that he/she doesn't have multiple work-study positions as that will result in a divided work-study award among employers.
  • Compensation
    • On Campus: Each department is allowed to set the hourly wage rate for student employees. The recommended range is $13–$18 per hour. Typically it takes 1–3 pay cycles to see a new hire in Kronos.
    • Community-based Federal Work-Study Partners: You are free to set your hourly wage between Federal minimum wage and $18.00 per hour. All students must receive a W2 during tax time for wages paid.
  • Performance & Learning

For assistance with any of these steps, please contact the Assistant Director, Employer Relations (Student Employment) at 312.915.8844.