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Getting Started Guide

  • Budget Analysis
    • Budget: Do you have the funds to hire a student employee? Contact your budget/business or finance manager to confirm.
    • (On-Campus) Federal Work-Study: Over half of the Loyola undergraduates have a Federal Work-Study award and need a job to access that money. Have you considered hiring a student with a Federal Work-Study award in order to increase your budget line?
  • Designing Your Student Employment Experience
    • Position Description: Minimally, a position description should address What, Where and Which! WHAT is expected of the student employee, WHERE the work will be performed, WHICH skills the student will develop as a result of working in the position. Click to download the Position Description Builder & Sample template based on the CAS Assessment standards
    • Determine the 3 P's: Can you provide a Professional supervisor, Professional (appropriate) work space, and Pre-Professional skill building?
    • Training & Orientation: new student staff will require training and orientation to your office services, culture, and expectations. For a basic list of orientation topics, click the Student Employee Training Checklist.
  • Recruitment
    • Recruit: Open your FREE account on Handshake. Utilization of the online recruiting tool, Handshake, enables you to reach a broad audience of potential student employees since ALL students have an account. Feel free to request a resume, cover letter, writing sample, proof of work-study, or whatever else you believe you need to recruit qualified students.
  • Hiring
    • On Campus Hire: Once you have selected a student(s), complete the appropriate hiring forms required by Human Resources and submit to HR. Download those forms here: http://www.luc.edu/hr/forms_newemp.shtml. NOTE: Students are hired much like FT University Employees, the hiring paperwork is centralized within HR.
    • Off Campus Hire: If you hired a student seeking to use a Federal Work-Study award, you MUST have a Community-based Federal Work-Study contract with our department. If you hired a student who does not want or need a work-study position, proceed with your standard hiring process.
    • Work-Study Reminder: Be sure your new student(s) has a work-study award if that is needed and that he/she doesn't have multiple work-study positions as that will result in a divided work-study award among employers.
  • Compensation
    • On Campus: Each department is allowed to set the hourly wage rate for student employees. The minimum wage is $15.80 per hour. Typically it takes 1–3 pay cycles to see a new hire in Kronos.
    • Community-based Federal Work-Study Partners: You are free to set your hourly wage starting at $15.80 per hour which is the Federal minimum wage.  All students must receive a W2 during tax time for wages paid.
  • Performance & Learning
    • Performance Evaluation: Every student employee should be evaluated annually for performance based on what requirements and expectations were outlined on the Position Description. Each department may create it's own evaluation tool or utilize the Basic Student Employee Evaluation designed by the Student Employment Program.
    • Learning: managers should encourage reflection on and make time to discuss what the student has learned from his/her employment experience. The Student Employee Training Checklist presents how to do that.

For assistance with any of these steps, please contact the Assistant Director, Employer Relations (Student Employment) at 312.915.8844.