Loyola University Chicago

Student Employment & Work-Study

Career Services

Job Search Steps

  1. Update your Handshake account to reflect your current information (ie. correct major).
  2. Upload your resume into Handshake. Utilize the Career Services resume resoruces and connect with a career advisor for assistance.
  3. Review positions in Handshake: while reading each position description, take note of the location (can you get there on time?), any Federal Work-Study (FWS) requirement, qualifications, and the application process.
  4. Apply: follow the application instructions included in the position description. Most will ask for a resume and probably a cover letter (Cover Letter Guide). Positions listed in the Community-based Federal Work-Study Program will also require a copy of your Work Authorization Form, which tells an employer the amount of your work-study award. It can be be picked up at the HUB or you can request an electronic copy at hub@luc.edu using your Loyola email account.
    • Tip: When preparing for your job search, obtain one copy of the Work Authorization Form then scan it into a PDF and upload it in your Handshake account for ease of sharing with prospective CBFWS employers.
  5. (Work-study only)

    If you took a work-study position, either on-campus or in the Community-based Federal Work-Study program, be sure to monitor your Work-Study fund balance throughout the school year to ensure you have enough money to cover the duration of your employment. To get the most up-to-date balance on your Work-Study fund, see an Advisor in Financial Aid.

NOTE: Student Employment at Loyola refers to positions that are either On-Campus, Federal Work-Study or Community-based Federal Work-Study positions. Positions that are PART-TIME and OFF CAMPUS are not considered part of the Student Employment Program, are NOT affiliated in anyway with Federal Work-Study, and have their own application process and policies even if they are found on Handshake.